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Python question about booleans

Hello Dears I have a question in Python: True, False = False, True Print(True, False) Print(2 < 3) Can you explain it please?

3/17/2020 4:55:47 PM

Ablaqulova Mahliyo

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What you wrote up above doesn't work. You can not assign to keywords in Python. Please repair your post: 1.) Add the proper code in a formatted fashion. 2.) Add proper tags that help others finding your topic. 3.) Ask only one question per post.


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True, False = False, True Print(True, False) Print(2 < 3)


Example boolean True = True True True = False False False = False True If you will see number enumerate (True) 1


Still wrong. Python is case-sensitive, you have to properly watch out for every letter.


The True and False is python build-in keyword. The keyword is a reserved word that can not be declared as a variable.


you can't assign variables to variables. if you want to assign it as a string, put double quotes on the second part.