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Which one

Java or python or Kotlin will be good for Android developer games

3/17/2020 1:19:38 PM

Fakea Vangchhia

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Java and kotlin are native to the android OS, so if you want to start writing android app, I'll suggest you learn either one of the two or both ( if you want ). You can also create app in python also using kivy, beeeare etc. that works just like app created in java and kotlin. DISCLAIMER: I'm currently one of kivy contributor and the actual owner promise to make kivy part of the standard python library unlike some students project that vanishes after sometimes. the framework is doing great and I'll recommend it though, Kivy apps do have some issue with android 9 SDK atm


Okay thanks a lot


Mirielle👽 can i make online game using Kotlin


Learn Java first only then move to Kotlin. As well you can check Unity3D for game development using C# language


Either java or kotlin