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Kivy errors

I have installed kivy in android phone when I am installing kivy module it's showing pil-u4-qpython not found in kivy any solution for this error

3/16/2020 5:06:58 AM

Aryan Pavi

3 Answers

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Please don't write your Description into the question tags. Python, Kivy and/or Android may suit the tags better πŸ‘


Kivy works on python3.0 thru python3.7.5 only. If you're using other version of python, you prob be getting different type of errors. Also it has a whole lot of dependencies which I think you should install first, (you can get them from the kivy website) then after... Simply do If you're using Termux (Linux or Mac), the command might look like this sudo apt-get install python3-kivy


I don't know about termux as it has Python3.8 by default, but if you are using an app like PyDroid, it works fine.