Bug in question post?

When making question in sololearn, in `Relevant Tags` when I write a tag between two other tags sololearn crashes ... Is it a public bug or only in my device?

3/15/2020 9:57:43 AM


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I can't seem to recreate the crash scenario on my device, but if it crashes your app, which it definitely shouldn't do, you can file this as a bug report to SL via the in-app feedback feature. The devs will look into it asap.


Sousou What tags is used? tell me so I can try to test if it crashes on me too ...


i just did as you described its fine edit: maybe you should update your app


at least you have the option... on my iOS app I can only append to the end of tags. I can not insert tags in the middle of other tags. My app crashes often when trying to post edits and when I click on a new notification pointing to someone responding to one of my previous posts. It could be a network issue, but the crashes are frustrating to say the least? 😣