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Wonder a platform for applied programming.

I am actually a newcomer. Won't lie it's only 2 weaks. But I am searching for a free platform online where I can get little and easy problems to solve and practise. Please help me with that.

3/13/2020 10:14:46 AM

M Tamim

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Sololearn has a Code coach section as well as older challenges.




Problems will show you new things.Make you think about finding modules,make you code harder things. Problem solving is the best way to learn . Than you'd be able to make cool programms .[i think like this]


Edabit is another good option. They have a lot of easy challenges for various languages.


Wait,how can you enjoy the hell of programming so fast???Just joking


I was joking man,don't be offended. Btw have you tried Dcoder




Tap on your profile,There you will see "challenge" button.