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Wonder a platform for applied programming.

I am actually a newcomer. Won't lie it's only 2 weaks. But I am searching for a free platform online where I can get little and easy problems to solve and practise. Please help me with that.

3/13/2020 10:14:46 AM

M Tamim

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Problems will show you new things.Make you think about finding modules,make you code harder things. Problem solving is the best way to learn . Than you'd be able to make cool programms .[i think like this]


Edabit is another good option. They have a lot of easy challenges for various languages.


Wait,how can you enjoy the hell of programming so fast???Just joking


I was joking man,don't be offended. Btw have you tried Dcoder




Tap on your profile,There you will see "challenge" button.