Between C++ and C# Which language is powerful ?

C# and C++

2/17/2017 6:06:11 AM

Niyongabo Eric

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It depends on what you want to do. For example, if you want to create an app for Windows, or use it to build project with Xamarin (convert to Android, iOS) then C# but if you want to write some libraries, work with different platforms etc. C++ is the right one. However, remember there is no such a language which fits all, each one have their own pros and cons.


You can write (nearly) everything using C#. And you can write C# (or Python for example, surely) using C++. ;-)


Yes I agree with Arron, Xamarin is an excellent application for creating "cross platform" apps & games.


Would highly recommend C++, its more like a core of many modern Programming Languages like your C# , Java ect, if you know C++ the rest is easy.


C++, because Unreal Engine uses it ;-)


C++ beyond any doubt


Both are very powerful languages. C++ is used to write other languages and is a superset of C. C# is part of the.NET group of languages so you can code in C# and get to a dot o file then blend your . o file with a VB .o and a Cobalt . o to create an executable file. More coders comfortable in .NET can end up with people all over the world coding on the same project. Leaders experienced in many languages can pick the best for the job.


C++ is more fundamental language and is more basic to learn than C # .However C# is more application based however it's important to learn C++ before it


I would prefer C# because it resemble to that of Java.


Of course Cpp,but I prefer python.


every people has its own answers, but the most famous in games is C++.


C++ is a performance beast, and also pushes the limit in terms of features. I would highly recommend C++ due to its wide range of applications and platforms.


c++ is better in all cases then c, it has more features than c


I would say c++ because toucan use it for more things, like robots


you can do more thing with c++, but for most of the people c# is easier to learn( except for me, i find c++ easier)


if you consider more about the performance of your system, i think c++ is better.


C++ but use QT for the library and portability.


C++ is really cool, but C# is better for me - similarity with Java.


c++ is high speed and used normally in doing good and fast algorithms c# for applications that could deal with windows is hoghly supported and very good to deal with windos OS


it depends what u want to do