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What's the solution to sort out message request issue?

They will ask me to teach programming language, also will get so many hi hello messages. In sololearn you will get lots of resources for learning still why they will ask same questions. I know block and report is the solution. I wanted to ask is there any other solution to sort out this issue.

3/8/2020 2:28:57 PM

🇮🇳 Rajeshwari 🌺

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This time after posting code i got 40-45 hi/hello in a day 😂 Actually there's nothing anyone can do. If they are asking programming related stuff answer if u can/want. *i mean u got the Q/A form for your doubts if u have any why asking in inbox. Still i answer to some not all* If there are only hi/hello. *ignoring is the best thing u got* I rearly visit inbox these days 😂


⛈️ᏃᎪᏟᏦ✰ I didn't accepted message request that time again they will send message. I declined message request again got similar message same person.


⛈️ᏃᎪᏟᏦ✰ Yes bro I know I just shared my problem. I hope other members also share their problem and don't get mentally disturbed like me thought to create awareness that's why I asked this question.


⛈️ᏃᎪᏟᏦ✰ I didn't said everyone is bad earlier I accepted all hi hello messages thought they might need help but got inappropriate messages because of all this I got mentally disturbed.


Raj Kalash Tiwari looks like you didn't read my question description I know block feature is there other than block and report any other solution that's I asked


There is no way I or you or any communtiy member can know "why they send such messages" They got app, they got internet, they're doing whatever they can. Also, I've seen this kind of question almost 5-6 times and people answering just says "block them" There is just one way to sort this issue which is ignore what's going on.


If you're looking for permanent solution, there are none actually. Not even on Instagram, Facebook, Tweeter, SnapChat whatsoever. Ignore or face+report;


Aakaanksha💕 Yes you are right but after declining also they will send message ignoring is the solution but it's not a permanent solution.


We all get those same annoying messages. Honestly, the more active you are in the Q&A, and general socializing here, the more of those messages you will get. So other than blocking and reporting, or commenting very rarely, there's not really a great solution yet at this point. I do hope that something will be implemented in the future, but I have no idea what shape that will take.


🇮🇳R K🏵️ just don't click to see their messages, when they find that you are not seeing the messages, they will feel ignored. Remember the quote that I posted - "IGNORENCE IS THE BEST WAY TO INSULT A PERSON BECAUSE THE PERSON WILL FEEP SELF-INSULTED OR SELF-ASHAMED" - RAJAT PORWAL.


Sololearn has great community, better lessons and everything, and questions like that always come from beginners who dont know how to navigate around sololearn...so what do you do? Spam them with links, perhaps😏


🇮🇳R K🏵️ thats kinda harsh but to some level the best remedy


Sigh ! I am not getting messages