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Does anybody know , how much time it takes to approve the submitted Quiz ?

3/8/2020 12:19:14 PM

Himanshu Gupta

18 Answers

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Himanshu Gupta there are users who have 100+ quizzes approved Now these 👇 kind of people should be taught a lesson so that they refrain from posting cra_ : https://www.sololearn.com/post/261791/?ref=app edit: 1 more from language C


my experience : It can take months!


It's taking time because there are lot of quizzes to examine plus people are submitting them without thinking for example - c# ,html,javascript,java etc etc in c That is just one example of c same is true in other languages too :( Just today I reviewed a quiz: What is my favorite food?select all that apply How for heavens I would guess? For more of the nonsense quizzes visit my profile I have some posts:(


I have one of my quizzes in the loop since about 10 months.


OMG ! 😂 🤣 Thanks Paji Daljeet Singh ! 👍🏻😊 And I love your song 'Ik kudi' 😉😛


Yeah, a few, but also after a lot of time. Plus a few denials.


Sololearn (its experts) will approve your quiz if they find it valid, correct and so on.


Oh man ! Did any of your puzzle get approved?


Okay , thanks for the info. 🙂


Himanshu Gupta yes I have abt 30, 20 of them were about 1 & half year ago and 7 -10 got approved after more than 1 year pending :) 20 I remember correctly because you get a badge for that


Daljeet Singh nice !


it must take a long time because some of my quizzes are sitting for a few months now!


Daljeet Singh Yes correct Paji ! Thanks for sharing an example.


Depends on how much it is relevant


how to import tkinter