Bug in lambda quiz

"Fill in the blanks to calculate the expression x*(x+1) using an anonymous function and call it for the number 6.” It’s supposed to have: a = (_____ x: x _____ (x+1)) print(a _______) But instead it has: a = (_____ x: x _____ (x+1)) ________ print(a) Which makes no sense


3/7/2020 12:06:10 AM


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Pear if you feel something is incorrect, please send a bug report to info@sololearn.com with the details, and screenshot if possible. You can also use the in-app feedback feature as well. Cheers!


The third blank could have had: a=a(6)


Yeah, I filled in “(6)” and that was considered correct, despite “a” not being assigned (“a=a(6)” would have been too many characters). I also tried to upload a screenshot here but there is no option to. I didn’t see an in-app feedback feature, so I posted here. Will follow up with the bug report