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Spelling and punctuation corrector with Python

Hi there) I must write the program for my project, that corrects all mistakes by writing (punctuation and spelling, but not grammar). I get the idea that I need for it a list, that includes all germans words, also their forms, and I can use it, also with the regular expressions. So my question is, exist already something like a list of words, that I can use for it? For example there is the list of app. 10 000 words at Leipzig University (Germany, import codecs), but I need something like this but for all words and their forms. Can someone give me advice, what cat I use fo it? Or is my idea wrong?

3/5/2020 9:57:28 PM


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Maybe you can work with one of these? https://sunscrapers.com/blog/8-best-python-natural-language-processing-nlp-libraries/