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How h1 is block level element?

Block level element

3/4/2020 3:28:46 PM

James Freeman

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A simple way to tell whether an element is a block level element was to see - whether a new line is automatically inserted following the element (in preview mode). This behaviour may be overridden with CSS perhaps, but by default, a block level element is rendered on its own line. Next element will be rendered below the block element.



Ipang answered one way but here is another example as well.


James Freeman exactly !


its a heading, its someting closer to a Title or a Headline in real life. so it semantically (not sure what words i should use here) correct for it to have its own line, before the actual content. i mean imagine an newspaper article. their news title always seperated from the news it self.


Because it takes the whole width of the page with a line break while inline element dont do like this