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I've submitted two quiz in the quiz factory submission section and now it's been a month still there is no response my submitted quiz still shows pending please help me.

3/2/2020 9:08:52 PM

🌸 Elina RL Shah 🌸

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I asked too same question in SoloLearn. It has been 4/5 months since I submitted question. No responses has been got yet. 🌸 Elina RL Shah 🌸


Lot of members reporting same.. Check out similar questions from search bar.. So many members are waiting from months.. Some saying been waiting from more than a year... I think there are lot pending... So may be that why they closed quizzes for all except for c and, swift.


Jayakrishna Some can depend on the weapons, maybe they don't accept quizzes of the weapons which were removed. I submitted about 10 Python quizzes on december 2018 and each is still pending, those might stay pending forever due the weapon. Because Elina's quizzes were submitted just amonth ago, it must be written of the last 2 weapons. It will either take few months or forever.


Seb TheS As far I know, from q/a section previous discussions of similar questions, quizzes may be approved depending on likes by solo reviewers. But there is no certain information how many like needed (i guess need 500 more likes.. ).. So They may go in loop of like/dislike or they are needed to remove dublicates if they are in huge.. From the official, no update about this from more than 2 years.. They are not giving priority to this.. So if it is recent also, the approach is same.. I think but not sure... Edit: A recent one.. Check a answer from one mod... https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/2113166/?ref=app


The thing is either stuck or very slow. It can take few months.