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Hello, I am doing this code and the four case that I cannot see it comes as an error could anyone give me a clue of why this is happening? Thank you :) hover = int(input()) cost = hover * 2000000 insu = 1000000 sell = hover * 3000000 totalc = cost + insu if totalc < sell: print("Profit") elif totalc > sell: print("Loss") else: print("Broke Even")

2/27/2020 10:32:03 PM

Fabricio Lucas Dimónaco

2 Answers

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What result do you need? For any hover> 1, you get 'profit', with hover = 1, 'broke even' when hover <1, ​​'loss' and this condition is satisfied when hover = float (input ())


it was case number 4 but it was lock, manage to do it in the end thou. thank you!