Automated quiz validation @ Sololearn

Hello *Note: I searched if someone asked before.* >> Can someone from Sololearn tell me why the quizzes submission are not controlled by a bot? Many questions could be automatically accepted by a bot especially the code output type ones. It would also be useful to be able to reject quizzes outright without “checking” them: poor phrasing, misspelling, irrelevant ... there are plenty of rejection possibilities without having to click on an answer upfront.

2/27/2020 9:57:45 AM


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The quiz approval is programmed and will only be approved if it reached the minimum required upvotes by the reviewers


What do you mean programmed? Also, are upvotes opinions? people are just asked to say if they actually “like” a quiz as opposed to assess its exactness and interest for some mechanism to kick in and test the question?