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HTML Blog Project Question

Hello there! I'm a bit confused on how people are adding their own picture at the top of their blogs. Can someone please help explain this to me? :D Like how this person has a little circle profile picture Наталья Гасай My blog:

2/27/2020 2:50:54 AM


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Do you mean by how to add image in Sololearn via mobile?? Bia


you cannot upload images directly to sololearn codeplay ground review this threads👇


<img alt="smile" class="img-circle" src="" > Here is the way to add image.. just need image link in src..


How do I find that link for myself? Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I really appreciate the help! :D


OOOOOOH! Thank you! I'm gunna look over all this and give it a try :)


You are welcome.. Here another help 👇