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LinkedIn skills

Has anyone tryed the questions skills programming in LinkedIn?

2/26/2020 2:17:31 PM

Helena Vargas

3 Answers

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LinkedIn to me is a waste of time your better off using GitHub where your work can speak for itself. People on LinkedIn just love to flex their egos I had over 40 certifications on my profile and no one cares. Its all about the work. Of course this is my opinion.


Helena Vargas yes. LinkedIn overall is not an best platform as Anthony Perez has mentioned but yes their skill assessment test is quite good with some intermediate level mcq which sometime very confusing. And their nature is if you got 3-4 question wrong your chance's of clear that skill assement is gone and you've to tried again after an month. With some intermediate and confusing coding snippets that LinkedIn assessment is quite good. But it's not evaluate the skills as per the platforms, users use LinkedIn for getting Chance of recruitment and internship offers which is very difficult to get on their platforms as least evaluation methods as well as many people use that for social media purpose which quite decreasing the quality as whole of that platform.


I asked because the skills only appear if you pass the test and I did not pass 😆. I though it was more difficult than expected