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a question about designing with JS !?

Hi ... so I'm learning about Java Script and there is a thing that made me confused ~ so while you can create the style of the web with CSS, there are some attribution and stuff in which you can style your web by that! I mean like : <script> var str = new String("Demo Text"); document.write(str.fontcolor( "blue" )); alert(str.fontcolor( "blue" )); </script> then ~ while making a site , where should i style my web page ?! and in a real website does the programmer build web's style in css or js ? it's really confusing to me ... . (i'm a newbie :) ) (hope my quesntion doesn't look confusing )

2/26/2020 12:46:47 PM


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As a general guideline... 1. Use HTML to create the content. 2. Use CSS to style the content. 3. Use JavaScript to add functionality.


CSS use a separate css file in html, call the css with the link tag. like this : https://github.com/gorgorgordon/MySoloLearnCodes