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Which is better arrayList or LinkedList ??

I need your oppinions

2/20/2020 12:59:54 PM

Abdeljalil Idbrahim

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Both are good at some critical situations. ArrayList is much faster than linkedlist specially in search operations. And no waste of memory at all. Linkedlist are good choice when you have to perform massive numbers of insert and remove operations. So I think linkedlist will be a good choice for larger applications.


First analyse a problem to understand the requirements and then make a decision based on it. Both are pretty similar when it comes to small scale operations but differ when it comes to large scale operations based on the time complexity, like 0_0 Mägár Sám Äkà Nüllpøïntêr Èxëcéptïön has mentioned.


Page two: ArrayList vs. LinkList https://www.sololearn.com/learn/Java/2180/?ref=app


that depends on what you want to use it for, they're are both better because they get the job done