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Improvement advices on project needed

Hello. I’m new to SoloLearn Community and I would like to share a code with you that I have been working on the last days. It actually works pretty fine but I feel like there is something missing? Could you guys give me any improvement advices or ideas for new functions that could be implemented? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, apollatrix.

2/18/2020 4:59:09 PM


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Maybe you can add "ans" button, so you can get the last calculated result. Because after you hit "=", and you want to calculate using the previous result, the result will disappear. ex: input: 3 x 2 = output: 6 then with the previous result "6", you decide to multiply it with 2, so you only need to input "x 2 =" instead of retyping the previous result again "6 x 2 =" OR when you accidently type something after you finish a (really long) calculation, and havent seen the result of your previous calculation, and now you realize that.. it's gone.. :")


Thanks I will try to add that one.