Do any of you know how to program in haskell? Do you recommend learning this functional language?

2/17/2020 12:32:03 AM

Jesus Eduardo Canul Koyoc

2 Answers

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Functional programming is always recommended. If you don't have a special reason to learn haskell, then do not . It is not a simple language nor easy. If you want to learn functional programming then why not js ? You can also learn functional programming with the most commercial languages like c++ or java because is supported and are easier languages. Except haskell there are many similar languages like scala, clojure and more. Learning a new language is something special and pleasant but you have to think where will this help you. On the other hand, haskell is very powerful and last years is on demand in some jobs but take in mind that haskell is difficult too. In the following link there is a nice discussion about this topic: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3175656/why-should-i-want-to-learn-haskell


Yes I would recommend adding it to your knowledge base but expect it to be a different experience than your average c cpp and java developer language... I found this for you to read and hopefully not get totally lost... https://acm.wustl.edu/functional/haskell.php