Having a problem in password validation (code coach)


2/16/2020 4:42:50 PM

s pal

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s pal I am sorry that I was harsh to you. It just seemed to me that you created the question immediately after creating the code. Since this is not the case I apologize to you. Did you change the condition in line 29? It should be if(c >= 2 && k >= 2) and not if(c >= 2 && c >= 2) I guess then your code should work. The rest seems fine to me. Just a tip for numbers. The Character class has a nice method: isDigit() If a character is a digit it returns true, else false. So you can also write: if(Character.isDigit(a)){ k++; }


And because I just noticed it: You created the code before 41 minutes You created the question before 40 minutes. Code is not working -> ask question. This is not you should do it to get a good programmer. code is not working -> debug -> ask question if you can't find the bug. It is just a suggest. But I think you should spend more time on your code.


s pal Please remove the pings. I think it would get annoying if everybody would do that. I would only accept a ping if nobody answers you. line 29: if(c >= 2 && c >= 2)


Denise Roßberg If I had been quite rude in my words,then I am sorry. As for that silly mistake , I just completely overlooked it and had thought of some problem in logic


s pal No Problem :) Making breaks are important. If you stare at a code for too long, you don't see anything. In most cases you just see what you expect. For me it helps to do a break for at least one hour where I close the app and do something else. Then looking at the code again: "What have I done here?" :D Bugs happens and I guess it will never end. ;) But over the time you will learn how to find your bugs.


Denise Roßberg Can you help me


Coder Kitten Can you help me


Denise Roßberg It's annoying to endure such hard words since I tried to find the bug in code coach and then thought of putting the question . And we can not direct to code coach solution directly so I need to copy it to create a code bit. Only then I had put the question. It's not what you are thinking . Also for your suggest , I would humbly say that I am not a good programmer rather would have others help me to understand test conditions better.


Denise Roßberg Good to see you have completed 71 code coach problems but would rather suggest to be not a passive braggart and show that you are a good observer.