How many types of errors in python3?

2/16/2020 3:19:04 PM

Rachumallu Lakshmisrinivas

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Not very useful to know them all, but here is how to get them: print([x for x in dir(__builtins__) if "Error" in x])


There are so many errors in Python OS ERROR OVERFLOW ERROR ZERO DIVISION ERROR FLOATING POINT ERROR BUFFER ERROR INDEX ERROR KEY ERROR LOOKUP ERROR ASSERTION ERROR ATTRIBUTE ERROR Type error End of file error Generator error Import error Keyboard interrupt Memory error Name error Not implemented error Runtime error Winerror Strerror Environment error IO error Windows error VMS error Socket error Select error Reference error Runtime error Stop itteration Identation error Tab error System error System exit Type error Unbounded local error Unicode error Unicode encode error Unicode decode error Unicode translate error Blocking error Child process error Connection error Broken pipe error Connection aborted error Connection refused error Connection reset error File exists error File not found error Interrupted error Is a directory error Not a directory error Permission error Process lookup error Timeout error


Types of errors classified as: 1.syntax error 2.symmentic error 3.logical error 4.Run time error












Errors are infinite. Because anybody can make his own defined exception.