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Which language will be the best for my idea?

So I have got like a brainstorming idea of a online business model which I'm planning to integrate in an app. The app will be somewhat like Amazon but will have some other great features ( I cannot disclose the features for the purpose of security). But I'm struggling with the coding part. I know c++ well. But I don't want to go with c++ since its not recommended for web apps . So I'm willing to learn a new one and start from the groud level. Please suggest me which language will be good for web app like this

2/13/2020 4:19:24 PM

Debasish Sarma

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For your purposes I highly would recommend you to become a Javascript full-stack developer. Web application like Amazon needs real time content generator. For front-end react js and for back-end node.js are preferred ✔😊 Amd also I strongly recommend you no SQL databases ✔


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, SQL, PHP with Bootstrap and Laravel framework. It might look like that i offered soo much stuff to learn, but html can be learned in a 3-7 days, CSS could be a bit confusing but that's why there is Bootstrap, JS really depends on what you want in your web app, as for Jquery i can't say much, used it once to change content of button when pressed, SQL doesn't have too much stuff to offer and as for Laravel i would say that's its one of the best web apps frameworks to use with PHP.


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You need to learn some Front-End and Back-End to develop web app. App that u want to develop it requires security and multiple users at same time, because this is a bussiness app security must be their.. In case of security and multiple users handling , U should go with Java and its Frameworks. After that go for front-end.


html,Jquery and SQL are the best for that.