Will it be a problem if i learned 2 things at the same time?? Shpudl i learn one after the other

I wanted to revise javascript(domside and a few more es6 things for react if it's not to much), and 2nd I want to learn python from zero never did projects with it Im not beginner programmer so i can understand some python, i will be learn9ng from scrtch tho,

2/13/2020 1:03:23 PM


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You can learn multiple languages at the same time but it depends on your learning process or learning ability.


You should only learn one language at a time. Get pro at it then go to next one


It depends on yourself, my opinion is you do 1 first until it done and then you learn the other 1, but while you learn the other 1, make sure to see the first lesson sometimes so you don't forget about it. I mean, example you learn js now, learn until you think you're done and then you learn py. But while you learn py, make sure you see js sometime, so you don't forget about it.


Learning multiple languages simultaneously is counter productive. First master one language, that way when you tackle another language, you know what is even possible. And you can replicate it in the new language.