[SOLVED] How can I play a wav file in a web code on SL?

Hi. I am trying to play a wav file in a web code. I uploaded the respective file to my Dropbox account via Dropbox app. It doesn't seem to work. Can someone have a look. What am I doing wrong? In code section I found at least one code which seems to be working? I am a complete beginer to web codes. Ok I have a certificate which it doesn't seem to help😅. Thanks!!! PS: I searched for similar problems in QA. https://code.sololearn.com/WvP4puZ8vA5x/?ref=app

2/9/2020 11:42:11 AM

Mihai Apostol [ ⚓ INACTIVE]

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Mihai Apostol so probably SL does not support wav files. Convert it to mp3 and it should work fine.




Царь СОБАКА - Догго l Thanks for your reply but it's still not working. I updated the code with your suggestion. Спасибо за ваш ответ, но он все еще не работает. Я обновил код с вашим предложением.


Царь СОБАКА - Догго l I will try your suggestion. Thou bear with me and check this code from SL. https://code.sololearn.com/WaPd2fHQY9Gs/?ref=app


Thanks Царь СОБАКА - Догго l After converting to mp3 it worked, thou only after changing file extension to midi. Anyhow something strange about audio format/standard and doing all from my phone. In conclusion it works. Thanks for your help.