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Is there anyone who defeated Nikolay Nachev?

It looks amazing that this guy challenging all weapons and doesn't have defeats at the time.

2/14/2017 10:34:31 AM

Baurzhan Kozhaev

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I joined this app feeling I was really good in javascript : then Nikolay and his comrade in arms Dhaval happened : it was defeat after defeat... after defeat! so I paused to do my homework, and came back : ..a draw, then a draw then countless defeats... I gave up! now I'm doing my homework again... man! these guys are good!


I've been programming way too long in a number of languages. That's why I am mostly capable to disregard the specific weapon syntax and see the basic algorithm behind. And algorithms is what programming is all about, languages are just different ways to implement them.


Legends say that eons ago, he was defeated by a lone warrior from the highlands... because Nikolay's mother called in the middle of a challenge.


I actually defeated him once. 5 - 4. I was so happy then I challenged him again and declined it 😂😂


Oh my, isn't that Sir Nikolay? *curtseys in respect*


A long time ago, me and Nikolay had the same number of wins: Zero


i defeated him in deafeats.


not me just draws and wins. I don't know how he does it and I don't feel bad losing to him.


Nikolay sir you are just awesome.


@Tamas sir thanks to easier question I only have draws(maybe losses but I forgot) against you but if you challenge me again I will definitely decline. I hold you and nikolay sir same.


Nikolay is just amazing. I am waiting for the day he crosses 100,000 XP.




Nikolay usually refuses my Java requests ;)


@Krishna Thanks! I've calculated I would need another year with the current scoring system, but I want to see how much would be the XP needed for level 18 😃😃😃


The current scoring system makes it impossible to reach next level for me. 1 point for a win and -30 for a loose. No way to get thousands of point for the next level. I'm very disappointed :(


5:5 in Java. Hoping he would make a typo but no.😥


Well, the reality is that we just need to play as the best! After all, you all might have noticed that even if we are defeated by Nikolay Sir, we are still able to get total +1/+2 xp (by answer bonus) by a man like him if we're in the lower levels! Isn't it? :-D


@Ram Tamas is way better than me in Java 😉


@Tamas sir that's why I am attempting for creator master badge that will get me to next level.


@Mokshal 😁 always ready for a challenge 😁