What programming languages should I learn for UX design?

2/5/2020 5:27:58 PM

swati shreya

3 Answers

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// In web development area JavaScript will be your best choice


I think, primarily best to good at Html, css and JavaScript.. Additionally you can learn some scripting languages, javaFX, for back end suffort python, Ruby.. will help. JavaFX is better now. Without programming knowledge, you can good at UI/UX designer also.. Because it doesn't involve code but needed design skills.. But knowing those will advantages. A separate courses are also available for UI/UX designers.. Almost All programing languages provides libraries for graphics design.. These links may help you to get some clarity.. Go through ones.. Hoping it helps.. https://uxplanet.org/introduction-to-coding-for-ux-and-ui-designers-data-structures-and-objects-88eb219366c5 https://www.quora.com/Which-languages-should-you-know-to-become-a-UI-UX-designer https://blog.prototypr.io/9-steps-how-to-become-a-ux-ui-designer-if-you-do-not-have-a-work-experience-and-a-degree-15c488824c81 https://uxplanet.org/how-to-get-started-in-ux-ui-design-ae097cc0d1c