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When are you ready for a job? plus REACT!

Hey! I hope that you guys are doing great. Btw i had some questions, lets see i am really good with HTML + CSS + JS (at somepoint i get pissed on fetch() coz of cors and i dont really know what cors do i have to use crossorigins etc). I know SASS aswell, can create responsive design with out any sweat, NPM is way too easy to use... What i dont know: React, babel + webpack ( i will learn these 2 in a week ) and Node.js. Now in few days i will finish those projects from javascript30 aswell so here are my 3 questions: 1. Do you think at this point i am ready to start with react? 2. After learning everything I mentioned above with some good projects do u think I will be job ready? 3. About HTML how many meta tags do i need to learn? Thanks in advance.

2/2/2020 6:00:33 PM


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//First if you are ready in JavaScript then you can do react easily , where babel and webpack can be learn slowly, after learning react do some project in it at least portfolio


Sudarshan Rai thank you very much brother.