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Are there any current SoloLearners studying Ruby?

Hello, everyone! I have noticed that nearly all the Ruby threads are two or three years old. I am a novice coder, currently working through the Ruby tutorial. If there are any other SoloLearners using Ruby for challenges or code sandboxes, please let me know! I’m glad to be part of this community.

1/26/2020 10:16:56 AM

Ingrid Lindstrom

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Try to read the comment section of every module in the course because the users have contributed and explained the topics in great detail. I cannot help you with the language but I'm sharing the below thread just in case if you need any resources in future.


Ingrid Lindstrom you're welcome. Sololearn is a great starting point for most languages.


Ingrid Lindstrom An idea: code section Change language to ruby, change hot today to trending. You will see a lot of ruby codes and hopefully interesting users you can follow.


Thank you for your time. I am definitely reading all the comments in all the modules. I also want to find users that are open to doing Ruby challenges. The challenges really help me learn!


thank you!


I learned it here on SL but not anymore. There is also a Ruby community on the web.


Sonic Thank you for your response. I plan to finish the SL tutorial. I like SL’s explanation method, and the “try it yourself” components, but I will look elsewhere for deeper practice projects and other Ruby communities. :)


Hassan Ali Please don't spam. Only post something if you can contribute to the topic. Thanks.