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Can't continue

Because I have an older iPad that still works well so there hasn't been a need to buy a new on. I cannot progress beyong IOS 9, but now because there's a "newer verision" from Sololearn, I can't continue using what I have. Can that be corrected or should I just give up utilizing this tool?

1/25/2020 3:08:43 AM

Jai Cotman

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Dude unless you're a madlad you shouldn't be upgrading a device just for a free app.


You can still use the web version of SoloLearn, although has less features but the main lessons, code playground and forums work.


And I don't plan to, but was hoping continued usage of this app didn't require having to use the new updates. Que sara sara lol


Do you joined beta version of Sololearn app... In past many user can't use many new features but after joined beta version available all of it.. I don't know about present condition because i was unavailable for long time here..


If you have a desktop/laptop install an emulator and install sololearn