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Job requirements

I’m looking at being a CPU performance engineer at Apple but they require you know at least one of these three languages: Python, Perl and Ruby. Which one would be best to know?

1/22/2020 3:39:23 AM

Liam Kennings

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All three languages are powerful and worth knowing, but Personally, I have seen more companies using Python and Ruby rather than Perl so i recommend with one of those. I like Python because of how easy it is to understand and how quickly one can learn it. Maybe look at the tutorials for python and ruby (i dont think there is a perl tutorial in SL :/ ) and see which one seems the most intuitive to you. once you have an idea of what you like, stick with it.


//quick and easy to learn and popular is python and it will be good for carrying different types of task ,while ruby and perl takes time and effort to learn in short period


Wow... three of my choice languages. As Sudarshan Rai 👑 said Python is relatively the fastest. Perl is a bit more challenging but fun once you learn the basics... if I only had to choose 2...


it's not about which language you "know", it's about which language you master. and also your mindset, whether it is open and active to solve unmet problems


I'm a bit surprised that the requirements for a CPU performance engineer include Python, Perl and Ruby. Are they in addition to other languages like C perhaps?


Steven Jacobsen would love to see Perl come to SL


BroFar couldn’t agree more. Perl would be awesome in SL



Yes, you have to know C and C++ in addition to Python, Perl or Ruby.