This has been stressing me out..

Hello everyone, I recently got back into Python after taking a 3-4 month break because I wasn't feeling like progressing. However I got my motivation back and am really willing to put effort into learning Python. However I feel that a lot of people talk shit about Python because it's considered "basic", "not useful" or "too easy to learn". I completely understand that not everyone thinks this way but I just feel that Python is more easy to begin with instead of Java, C or other languages. Many people have also said that Python is only for making simple scripts etc. Is that true? Could I actually make something that could benefit a lot of other people (including myself) with Python? A software, etc. Thanks in advance! - Drub

1/21/2020 4:08:38 PM


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Throughout my journey I have never seen people who regretted to have mastered Python, but many for those who decided not to start earlier. Once you free yourself of expectations and commit to mastering the skill, your doubts will answer themselves.


do not listen to anyone who speaks poorly about any programming language (especially the top one), which is in the top five in popularity (if not in the top three). now Python is the mainstream, to know it is a rule of good taste in the environment of programmers. it's like knowing English to communicate with people from different countries. you can go deep into it and stay for a long time. there is a huge community of pythonists, educational material, and everything else. review questions from students in this section and you will see that there are more questions about Python than anyone else. I myself have recently started learning this language and am not going to stop. how can you scold or speak ill of the tool you use? what bad things can you say about a hammer, saw, or drill, for example? which is worse or better? the hammer is too simple and it is only for beginners? better to use a drill? every tool is good in the right hands.


Drub I'm not sure if this is more of an address or a question. Either way, this sounds like much opinion verses a code related question and would be better suited for a post verses the q&a section. For years Google and other search engines utilized python in their search engines heavily in their technologies. As to simple scripts true python is great but it is used in way larger programming needs ... and is definitely designed for AI and other applications. Anyway, can you please clarify your actual question away from opinion. Thanks https://www.sololearn.com/Blog/38/8-simple-rules-to-get-help-from-the-community


AI, ML, DataScience, Web Scraping etc.. are from no angle simple but Python is heavily used. Python is easy to learn but advanced python can be difficult to understand as too much of processing can happen in too few lines of code. Overall python is easy to use general purpose programming language.


The more knowledge and verisital you are the more valuable you are but yes you can be a pythonist as a specific strong. Drub as I pointed out Google and other search engines have used it for years.




A large part of Facebook is written in Python, so it's not just for simple scripts.


Python is one of the best choice any programmer can make, you can develop your own website or app with python, it has frameworks that will make it more easy for you to develop websites without much stress like django, flask, you can do web scrapping with python, scientific calculation and so many more, in python your website security is not a problem,, Just keep learning python dear you have absolutely nothing to lose..


Drub you might wanna peek into my QnA discussion before going furthur. https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/2120835/?ref=app Trust me. I don't believe in that question anymore. Python without doubt is an amazing language. If you ever want to learn another language, say C++, the key to switching is becoming a learner once again. When I had worked with Python, that was the first time I was coding, so I started with small programs like fibonacci. But when I started with C++, the mistake I did was not starting from scratch once again. I directly went into algorithms when I should have reached there step by step. That was the reason I got frustrated. Just keep this thing in mind and you'll have no problem learning Python along with another language.


BroFar, thanks for your answer. But I think I made myself very clear here. I am hesitant about the fact if Python could bring me further in the process of learning more programming languages. I'm mostly learning Python now to get a view of how programming actually works (also knowing that every language has their own syntax and own ways of writing code). So my question in a nutshell would be if Python is a good starter to then later on move to more complex programming languages. And if I wouldn't move on to other languages, is it okay to stick with it my whole programming career?


Each language has it‘s pros, cons and application fields Drub . There’s some awesome stuff you can do with python, from blinking LEDs to AI. For example, this is a software I was able to write after improving my python skills at sololearn. It‘s on Github and has 130 Stars. In case you‘re interested, here‘s the link: https://github.com/aceisace/Inky-Calendar


Yo python is the best trust me on this i started with java and came to python and now i am happy that python exists. I made a huge website based on python django webframe work. And check out this link https://github.com/ramtej13/Chat_room_files This has my instructions on how to make a chat room using django, channel, using python,


Always do what you love! I like to set a goal or find a problem to solve with Python and work on it until I can solve the problem. I am not a programmer, I am a data analyst. I have been using the Pandas library to automate routine reports and help me to manage my investment portfolio. Python is a tool that I needed and helped me to accomplish a goal. There are probably many ways of tackling the same problem, and that is perfectly okay. But remember that the people that put your mindset down are not confident in their own. Coding is amazing and unfortunately, in every community, you have the "PURE-BLOOD ELITISTS" who look down on everyone and hoard all of the knowledge to themselves. This is just a powerplay and these people are just want to be the only people alive who can code. I find it surprising how these same people end up on learning platforms like SoloLearn. You'd think they would have been born already knowing how to do everything. Just dismiss these elitists and go about your business. These people are in every skill, hobby, and career path.


Python is the great programming language when compared to c ,java. Since it is mostly used in modern times.