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Which language i learn for make carrier in gaming industry

1/21/2020 3:40:28 PM

Shardul Malkhare

4 Answers

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For example C# and JavaScript are using in unity. Unity is a known game engine


Games for PC: - Unity (C#), - Cryengine V (C++), - Unreal engine 4 (C++) (games for pc, vr, playstations) JavaScript (Construct 2 engine), Gamemaker(only 2D, without program language) In Python: RenPy (2D) or Pygame 2D engines for beginners: - Stencyl, - RPG-maker, - Ink - free addition for Unity (html, c#). - GameMaker Studio2 (paid 100$, drag&drop technology)


Web html5 games https://html5gamedevelopment.com/


The Easiest Game Engines Ever: Flash(Stencyl) DirectX(Construct Classic) C++(Unreal Engine) C(Raylib) Lua(LOVE 2D) BASIC(Blitz Basic,Which Have Max And Plus And 3D,Also Are All Free And Open Source) Haxe(Heaps) HTML5(GDevelop) C#(Unity) Java(LibGDX) Q:Why GDevelop 4 And 5 Instead Of Construct 2 AND 3 In HTML5? A:Cause Construct Is NOT Cross-Platform NOR Fully Free NOR Open Source