[SOLVED] SOLOLEARN PRO doesn't work in my country!! 😭😭

Hi everyone, I need help to upgrade my account to a pro account. Everytime I tried to upgrade it's show "Try again message"

1/21/2020 1:06:22 PM

JΞΜΔ 🇨🇩👑

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JeMa ^_^ 🇨🇩 send an email to sololearn. 🤔 Info@sololearn.com


BroFar Michaël🤴 Kuba Siekierzyński Hatsy Rei Serena Yvonne Tashi N


JeMa ^_^ 🇨🇩 Don't worry, It takes a while to get an email response.


An email is already sent, but still no reply 😭😭😭


That's a shame it doesn't work in all countries.


Hey Sonic thats her way of giving something to the community and she get better features of the developers too


✳AsterisK✳ right 👍


JeMa ^_^ 🇨🇩 wait for sometime you will get a reply from solo learn 😊👍


By chance is it showing "google play services not available"?


Ooh my goodness, so painful😢😢😫😫


Sonic I need pro because I'm limited with this normal account


You Should Use VPN then and Hola Fake GPS navigation... You can change your location to desired Place. Then Purchase and Enjoy. P.S. - use ProtonVPN for better and free experience.


JeMa ^_^ 🇨🇩 There was a code coach contest in which the first 100 would get Pro. Before the contest I tried to acquire Pro (just curiosity) but I couldn't. When SL announced the winners I felt terrible because I was the only one who didn't appear as a pro(just imagine my face). However after a few minutes I opened the app again and I discovered that they finally gave it to me.


All 25 free Code Coach. Android contest is already over but I think there is an IOS contest aswell(Not sure)


Do you need Pro in the first place?


Kevin Star Wich code coach??


Anyone else having trouble getting Pro in their country?


Kevin Star yes, it's showing "google play services not available", what should I do?


JeMa ^_^ 🇨🇩 OK. Also Kevin Star is in a different country to you.


oh no What’s a disaster!!!!