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I'm just 15 years old and don't know what to learn first XD

help me pls

1/18/2020 1:22:10 PM


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Learn accordingly to what you target. Learn few well and you will understand every programming language. We can't really tell you which to choose. Everyone finds useful something else. From my experience: Python is really good for small scripts. I would not suggest staying at it forever, because you will not learn how to structure big things. Lua is simpler python. Used mostly in game scripting. Not very useful. C++ is really good for big applications. It's beautifull for advanced coders, but horrible for anyone else. Java feels like less explicit c++. It's not that hard, but it is still very powerfull language. C# is absolutly beautiful and beginer friendly. Actually if you target windows only, this is the best starting point for desktop programming. It's basically nicer but less portable java. C is close to hardware but not as bloated as c++. It's starting point to c++. Expect lots of segfaults. If you want to do web, learn html/css/javascript.


Hey, I'm only 13 years old. I've started to learn some basical languages. As such Java, HTML, JS,CSS, C++. It's the most popular and need languages, I think. And actually all programming is very interesting! Good luck with studying! 😉👨‍💻👩‍💻


Hahah, people in SL are helpful)


Firstly you learn C language basic. Then you choose a field you want to work on.... For web developer HTML CSS Python JAVASCRIPT PHP For software developer Python Java C++ With data structure😀 Best of Luck👍


I see you got many answers here telling you to go choose the language which suits your target. I'm not saying that the others are wrong, but as someone who went through the same phase few months ago, I know you don't have a specific target yet. You must be attracted to everything from web development to making games to Android and IOS development. So, as someone who started with Python, I'd say it's a great language to start with. You can learn all the concepts and even make early games and GUI applications. And I just don't have any words for its modules. So my absolute answer is Python though I would say that you can't make large scale games or applications because of its speed. And to add, I few days back I was in the illusion that the transition from Python to learning any other language is hard. If you follow certain rules during the transition, it's damn easy. You can start with other languages also and let me tell you, they are not hard if you do enough practice, unlike what the people say.


Seeing a lot recommend HTML. I'd honestly refrain from HTML as a first unless your main goal is web development. Here's why: HTML is a markup language and is not a programming language. Markup languages exist as a means to control the display of information. It'll do nothing to teach you about procedural and object-oriented programming which most programming languages are. Markup languages are easy because they do not use programming syntax and use standard words, thusly making them easier to read and understand. Learning HTML will not teach you OOP or PP (Object-Oriented Programming, Procedural Programming). It'll also not teach you programming syntax. Thus, knowing HTML, even proficiently, will not make learning programming languages any easier, unlike learning something like C++ or Python first will. Learning an actual programming language first will teach you OOP and they are also very versatile langauges. You will be able to do more with something like C++ and Java, like GUI interfaces and games.




Well I didn't expect that many answers in just 2 days


Mehnaz ( busy studying ) no,Python or Java


Start with Python Ofc :D


Java or Python


Then go with C or Java or HTML... according to your choice :D I think C would be great ;)


Hey there, I was 13 years old when I first started coding. HTML was the first code/script I wrote (even though It's not considered a programming language)... It made me feel like a pro though :). I slowly continued to learn other web scripting languages like CSS and Javascript. I created some small silly webpages that made me have fun leading me to memorize the things I learned. Since then my learning curve has been growing rapidly. I started to learn low-level programming languages, javascript-frameworks, mobile application development.....the list goes on.... and by the age of 15 I became a certified software engineer, certified by a local IT academy. Now I'm 18 and still eager to learn new stuff every day. So, If there's something you can learn from me, It is that you should always start small, have fun while learning, create something visible and functional after learning a new thing, and never stop learning. I hope this inspires you :) Peace.


go to roadmap.sh for a whole Roadmap of web development. It reaches from basic HTML to advanced full-stack API’s etc. I highly reccomend it. It even has links to the best tutorials online It’s amazing!


First find what is your target, web development,app development,software development, choose in which one not all when you choose the catagory when read about this course find all languages related this course and choose the first one and go step by step. Good Luck😊🔝


Check answer here. https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/2097736/?ref=app


Begin with C language...it will be very benific to you little boy 😊


I'm 11 and I'm learning to make apps


?UNKNOWN? Playz What do you want to code on?


For my opinion, you have to start with HTML. Because HTML Is the easiest language that I've ever seen. It's the basis of Web development and for developing itself. After you complete your HTML Course, You can learn C++ And Then Java. Good luck dude!