What makes a question get views on SoloLearn??

Sometimes I have an important question I ask, but it says the view counts are low so I’m guessing that’s why barely anyone answers. How can I get more view counts for better answers?

1/13/2020 2:26:00 PM

Felix Cuevas

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you have to put in your mind, sololearn community mainly interested in front-end stuff, all basic information. so if your question is deep or complicated or not in the area of sololearners interest.. probably you will not get any answer. also hashtags is important.


People who use the playground section and the challenge section are mostly interested In web programming. Majority of people who uses the Q&A are people who hate web but they can answer question related to it. To get views on your post, follow the procedure 1. An interesting title 2. A relevant tag 3. A better text that described your question 4. Share the questions with your friends 5. Keep visiting the question as your view counts 6. Tag people in your question 7. Make sure the question get some upvotes (legally) to attain top list in the trend and more


The topic has to deal with "how to hack facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, google, ..." Then you will get endless likes.


Felix Cuevas do not bother as those hacking questions are duplicates so will likely be deleted. Both Ahmad Ali and Mirielle🐶 answers will help get more views. However, getting badges on Q&A posts is not worth the effort. Trying for them could lead to moderation on your account. Given SoloLearn policy, the moderation team has suggested those badges be removed as it leads users to violate policy.


Continued interest and discussion.


I think the following thread below kind of sums it up, what it takes to have better chances for answers (quality answers more like it) for our questions. I usually link it for new friends, in a hope they get to know better way into posting a question. But I'm linking it here anyways because I'm lazy to rewrite the tips in that thread 😂 https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/333866/?ref=app


Felix Cuevas yeah that's true


Ask questions like who wants more courses in Sololearn ,who wants advanced courses. I mean everybody wants that.


Please all report Giacomo Fontanella 's Comment


Jan Markus 😂😂😂 never been too interested in hacking but you can bet thats the next thing ill be searching up in q&a for the next month😂


I think a well described and good question, with a relevant tag is more likely to get numerous views. But you should be interested in getting the appropriate answer to your question and not views.


One thing would definitely help a question to get more views: If we finally got a decent spam filter system so that good questions aren't drowned in a sea of nonsense.


Ahmad Ali thank you for answering, i do appreciate it. also, im guessing this means questions about back-end stuff are alot less likely to be viewed?


They've said it all 👌


But why u want more views?