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How to publish my work

Hello everyone, I'm a game developer i managed to produce some cool games on android but the problem is that i don't know how to publish theme. I tried Facebook ad sure i get a lot of react but 0 install so my question is how can i publish my games throw social network.

1/12/2020 5:51:02 PM

aymen B'm

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You can first upload them to google play ... and then manage marketing them ... the point here is to know your target segment to get the most efficient results ... so for examples your game is targeted for boys from (9-13) years old, so check what groups on fb have the same age you need and post it, if you even know personels yourself tell them about the game .... it's all about knowing which people will want to play your game, posting it everywhere is a waste of time ...


You are welcome ... keep on the good work, don't forget to include your games and all your projects in your portfolio


I'm certain that you can use Steam to release your games for download, though I'm not sure about the advertising of the game.


Oh, sorry, aymen B'm, I meant use Steam, which is a game distribution application you can use.


aymen B'm, yes, you can, if you use BlueStacks. It allows you to port a game from Android to PC.


Thanks Mark Emad this is a good advice


What do you mean by 'steam to release'


Oh i see you mean Steam, but can i publish android games on Steam Didn't know that thanks