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Placement tension..![OFF-TOPIC]

I failed in my 12th cleared it in second attempt But was unable to score more than 60% It was 58% Performing good in Academics Good at programming overall What should i do after my graduations Any company that still will hire me If i perform good based on my current knowledge not looking at my past. Looking forward to placement after BCA I don't know if these type questions are allowed to ask here or not. ~Thank you

1/10/2020 5:11:37 PM

Shubham kumar

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Certificates needed to get call for an interview. So those are just a passes for getting entry to interview hall. Rest counts your knowledge, performance, attitude... But of course, the most compenies call for interview those who secured at least 60%. Also some small compenies consider 55 minimum. But still don't lose hope.. 60% in recent academics is considered most.. So get it in Graduations... Performance in interviews matters.. Edit: in 12th, not important even if it 90+%. Recent one is take into consideration most..