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My post got deleted By mods

I had posted an curious question relating to code translator few days back but when I checked it today ,it was missing. Had the mods group deleted it? If yes then I only need the reason for it also without any information , request or any suggestions for it was deleted without any notice to me

1/7/2020 3:23:09 PM

Ayush Pandey

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Mirielle🐶 you might indulge with some mods who stopped you from doing something which is not followed the community that's doesn't means mods hate someone. We are here to make the environment more friendly but some time rudeness is required. Ayush Pandey "Code Translator" can you tell about your question some more so it can be judge which post you are talking about. You have many time informed in past too for duplicate and off-topic threads so if your that post is an duplicate than you have surely informed but you can't able to look that time might you are not active and because of that the thread is get deleted after 24 hour without your notice Generally every time you have informed before "marked for deletion" it's just that you not able to see that withing 24 hour.


Mirielle🐶 Your comment here means "If an mod hates you he can delete post" so your that opinion is pointed wrong in response of which I've answered "mods not do anything because they hate" Ayush Pandey I don't need to ask as in past too whenever your thread has mfd it's well informed to you, I know if any mods has tagged the thread with mfd then he will surely give you information about that why he tagged so it might your internet connection or you have deleted accedently, so you can confirm by mailing sololearn. You can confirm that all your doubts at [email protected] you will get proper information with descriptions and that hopefully clear your doubts.


Coder Kitten if you are sure about that than all reason which can make feel like code request more than question and due to badly phrased due to which post was marked for deletion. In past too with the same user many other questions are removed and informed and due to regular behavior of changing the " mfd" tag he is not informed that time. But if you are not sure OP has already directed to mail sololearn which can give all description about that. But most probably it's because bad phrasing which looks to take place Ayush Pandey you can mail sololearn for getting brief information about that at [email protected] and get an reply from their hopefully that will clear every doubt.


Possible reasons, 1. If your post is a duplicate to another post 2. If the mod hates you 3. If your post is not well presented or explained 4. If your post contains slur, offensive word or something 5. If your internet connection is low and you actually thought you've posted something but nah, it just looked like I don't think there's anyother reasons your post was deleted apart from those


So has anyone figured out exactly what post got deleted?


GAWEN STEASY the world "hate" is a general feelings that everyone can have irrespective of whom that person is, so a mod can hate even though he/she don't want to express it publicly


why bother? retype and repost if you really need the answer.


I dont think any of the reasons can be posssible. No net problem as I got few answers also which I read and reveiwed too. If it was duplicate some may have said so in the answer thread


GAWEN STEASY I asked that is it possible to make a code which can translate a code from one language to other like javs code to python. I dont think someone did remind of duplication but u try asking ur mods grp for it


RKK no urgency for answer but I am concerned as why was it deleted.I got the answer what I needed


Some posts/comments need time to save in your profile...


Coder Kitten what do u mean be vivid plz


No I dint get any dm


Y do u think it was badly phrased? How can u say all about so of mfd tag


Men this thing isn't that easy as i thought


elia fenias what do u mean