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Sololearn pro

I finished all challenges how do I find out if I have upgraded to sololearn pro


1/6/2020 7:32:55 PM


6 Answers

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Vision if you are on iOS version of app then once top 100 user will selected then the list will be announced and you'll be notify by mentioning your name. Wait might in 2-3 days the Sololearn team declare the results and you'll get to know about the upgrade.


Vision According to this user are upgrading to pro in manner of 20-20 people groups so if you're in first 100 users you'll be upgraded soon.


I have also solve all the free code couch problems but I want to know if I'm supposed to answer in all languages before I can be a free pro user..


You haven't, look at my profile(there is a yellow circle around my profile picture, whenever you see that kinda circle around your profile picture and the (pro) tag after your name then you're a pro user


Thanks Gawen