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Sololearn Won't Save Code

I wrote a code and Sololearn asked me if it would save my code. I clicked "Save" and deleted the tab I created the code on. (I'm on my computer and I deleted another tab since it wouldn't save) I opened my profile and my code didn't show up. I tried refreshing, it didn't work! My work is gone! Please help!

1/1/2020 7:41:07 PM


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Coder172 sorry to hear that but sololearn website is not updated from long time and when you have saved the code it's might saving in progress and due to deletion of that tab in which you are working the work on code will be gone. And it's not present in your code section then unfortunately your code is gone and deleted code can't be get back. I always do my work first on google notes Then paste that in code playground for testing so work can save if something went wrong with website or app PS you can sent an report if you have saved the code after that too it get deleted at [email protected]


It is a sad lesson we all learn over and over because we forget: When it comes to text and internet, always copy before you submit.


Are you sure you saved it? Did you wait until the "Saved" prompt appeared? If not, you may have deleted the tab before it saved.


Same type, a Lesson I learn yesterday, that I wrote a program about almost 40 lines of code, I got output as well, then I want to translate to java from C, for some better approach, I just selected all text to copy into java file, instead of taping on copy, taping happened on paste.. My total program gone.. There is no undo button. Is there? I wrote again.. Coder172 you can try by reporting , if is not your fault and save reached to server you may have a chance to get beck.. But I think you closed before saving... In that case no chance.....