Why is Kotlin not growing in people that use it such as Java?

This is a question that brings me so crazy?! I DONT UNDERSTANT, because Kotlin is more newer than Java so It supose that Kotlin should bring more fans!?

12/31/2019 1:38:06 PM

Glorious_ Wolf

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Some people just like to stick to what they know already. If you've been coding for few years in a language, it would be more comfortable for you to keep using it than trying a new one. And it's not just Java and Kotlin, there are other languages. For example, Python3 was released in 2008, but there are people who still use and prefer using Python2 till this day.


For a newer language to really take off in comparison to an established one, it has to offer a lot more advantages over the established one than Kotlin has over Java IMHO.


Companies don't like changing programming languages. It is very expensive. Therefore, most Java programmers can never use Kotlin at work so why bother learning it.


According to the Tiobe Index even COBOL is ranked higher than Kotlin. Just because a language is newer doesn't make it better. New programming languages are constantly being developed. However, if the advantages of switching do not outweigh the effort of retraining then it will not be adopted. I'm from an engineering background and, as we like to say, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it".


But only literally to this very day. ;-D


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