Pls am stuck i wish to create a website with not less than 5 pages with all the pages linked how am i to go about it???

12/30/2019 12:57:36 PM

Shu Nicoline bih

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If you have no clue, I would certainly suggest to complete the HTML and CSS courses on SoloLearn first... You need to save each page as a file with .html extension, and you put the links to the other pages in anchor tags, like this: <a href="otherpage.html">Other page</a> If the files are all in the same folder, then relative links like this will work, no need to specify the absolute path or url.


@Tibor Santa Relative links work even if the files are not in the same folder, that's the whole point of a relative link. Please don't confuse the newbies.


Thanks a lot that helped a lot