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Hi how can I access code coach on the chrome to access through my pc

12/27/2019 9:33:59 AM

Progress Osemudiamen Emuan

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Can I ask why? I would absolutely love to be able to do these challenges without typing on my phone or using a bluetooth keyboard.


Code Coach is not available on the website. You have to use an emulator to access it on PC or download the app on mobile.


It should be available on the website as well... code on mobile or tablet is not fast and non-efficient.


Really? Really????? That's poor form, Sololearn. Make it a priority feature on your backlog. It's incredibly uncomfortable trying to do the solutions on a phone... and it takes ages on a phone too.


I want to downvote the answer because I'm upset about it, but I want to upvote it because it's good information. So, I'll just leave it as it is.


I'd love to use Code Coach on my PC, it's not easy coding on my mobile phone.


i think im gonna cancel pro unless they give access to code coach on the browser


It would have been nice if I could find code coach here on website


I've bought the subscription because of this feature. Now I going to cancel it.


I've also bought the subscription because of this Code Coach feature. Please do NOT force me to cancel it, since SoloLearn doesn't make the "Code Coach" Feature available in the website to be viewed by a Browser from a wider screen PC or Laptop.


It would be good if code coach is accessible on PCs


No, it is not available on PC. it is really not easy to code on phone. Sololearn, plz make it available on PC



this is bullshit


I'm still waiting for this feature, code coach is so awesome and helps me learn so well, but using it on my ipad/iphone without a keyboard is really lame


Coade coach is only available in app


I think it's a way to make users use the mobile app more, where you have to pay for some features. I find it not handy at all. What I do is that I write and try the code on the computer, then copy and paste it on the phone.


Code coach is only found in apps.


Here's a protip for everyone frustrated with the lack of code coach in browser. It's not perfect, but you can download BlueStacks to emulate android on your PC (and it's a very high quality free emulator, to boot!). Unfortunately, there are some quirks with typing that still make this less than desirable, but they've made a lot of positive changes to the website lately, so I imagine this feature will get included in the next big build. Sure would be nice if someone official gave us an ETA though...


I would probably upgrade my account if Code Coach would be available on desktop. I love it but it’s too tedious to type so much on a phone.