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I have submitted some quizzes for Quiz Factory but they are neither accepted nor rejected. Why they are still pending ?

12/27/2019 2:19:46 AM

Jeevan Chandra Joshi

10 Answers

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huge number of submissions, despite the fact i have 100+ approved quizzes, i still have alot pending from like a year ago and its looking like they're never gonna get touched. i feel after a maximum amount of time quizzes should be autodeclined


I guess you have to keep in mind that SoloLearn has many users, and many of them also want submit a quiz too.


Jeevan Chandra Joshi my lessons pending from 1 year.i think they Check lessons and quizzes in random orders.


Sonic may be yes 🤔


SoundInfinity Yes i know that... But i submitted quizzes more than 6 months ago.


Maninder $ingh okay... They are taking time more than usual.