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Is there a plan to bring Sololearn app-only features to the Sololean website?

The Sololearn app has a lot more functionality than the website. Is there a plan to bring some of the features to web? If not, why? Some of the features that are not on the website (or maybe I'm just blind or something) are Challenges, Code Coach, AMAs, and the non-language learning courses, such as data structures or Angular JS.

12/21/2019 6:04:30 PM

JJ McSquiggles

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In production, a mobile app should have more features when compared to it's web version. just to make a difference


Mirelle I disagree, each should play on its strengths. PCs can do a lot more on website than phones can on apps. For example, I would not type an essay on my phone, I would use a real keyboard and mouse. The main advantage of an app is its mobile and can be used in downtime when you would not have access to a computer. I think an app should have the same or fewer features becuase it should have the features that can be easily used on a phone or make sense to be used mobile. The only scenario where having more features on mobile is if an app will make more money than a website. (Ex: There are million websites for X, but only two apps for X). Sololearn examples: Having challenges as part of the app makes plenty of sense becuase it is well suited to mobile use. It doesn't require a keyboard or a lot of time before a stopping point. Having Code Coach as an app only feature make less sense, becuase it will take a long time and requires a lot of precise typing that is difficult on digital keyboards (typing { and indenting and such).


JJ McSquiggles That is how i was taught in my software development course


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think they can be different