Will Sololearn benefit from a feature where a mod can simply shift a discussion from the Q&A area to the OP's personal feed? | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Will Sololearn benefit from a feature where a mod can simply shift a discussion from the Q&A area to the OP's personal feed?

This way, a discussion with significant answers or community opinion is not completely destroyed when a Q&A-irrelevant post is mfd and moved to feed.

12/19/2019 8:33:18 PM


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Sonic Personally, I would like to see this be a feature for people to do on their own. It could also be a feature where mods can move the Q&A Post on behalf of the user. This shouldn't be a challenge even if the posts are stored in different tables or even different databases. My approach would be: 1. Create a new API endpoint for converting a QAPost to ActivityPost by id. 2. On the server side, query the QAPost by id and all answers. 3. Create the ActivityPost using existing API and new Comments while applying all meta data to preserve timestamps and author ids. 4. Update the existing QAPost with a new column to store the ActivityPost id for future reference. Set another column on the QAPost to not display the post in any feeds. The only thing left now would be for the author to style the Activity post after the fact. 😉


While the OP can currently replicate the question in his/her personal feed, copying others' answers along with their user IDs is either not possible or too much of a hassle.


David Carroll that would be perfect!


So Mirielle🐶 [Inactive], I don't completely understand how that could introduce too many vulnerabilities as high level mods already have similar powers to edit and delete user posts and I suggest giving this feature only to gold mods and above.


Sonic I have no insight on development timelines.


I'm pretty sure Questions and Feed are different tables inside the database... How can it be possible.... If at all it is possible, imagine the vulnerability.


Mirielle🐶 [Inactive] I meant for only the moderators to have access to the feature. Would it not simply be a copy paste type of operation with some minor transformation? By vulnerability, do you mean security risks?


The mod feature is more of a booleanField inside everyone's profile and by default it is false. so, in the program code..the expression would be . if user.isMod == True: //display a special feature like // delete post // update someone's post if a mod or the superuser(sololearn) is granted that feature, they will be able to make a post for me from their own account


Not soon I guess.


David Carroll no problem.


When will it be implemented though?