How to determine wheter the output is conditions or values??

12/13/2019 5:20:39 PM

Luna Akira

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To determine conditions,there should be have a boolean expression. To determine the values, it should be have int,double,float & string


Maybe I am missing something.... Output can be returned as the result of a condition being true or false. Now that output can be used in other conditions for further evaluation. Values or objects are used in evaluation of a condition... to determine what is the next step. This is C# code... int a = 5; int b = 0; if (a == 5) // this returns true so the statement below is executed { b = 1000; Console.WriteLine($"You won {b} clams!"); } else { Console.WriteLine("Sorry, tomorrow is Monday."); } bool condition = false; // this is set to false condition = (b == 1000) ? true : false; //this is a test and because b is equal to 1000 from the above statements the condition evaluates to true and prints true as there is the condition ? response if true or the response if false Console.WriteLine(condition); ----------------------------------------------- bool is also a value, but the data type returns either a value of true or false