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Git Course?

I'd like to see a Git course here. The SOLOLEARN app on my iPhone is my favorite way to study any time, anywhere.


2/9/2017 6:37:53 PM

Nick Longworth

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Git (Github is the name for the repository website) is a great collaboration/versioning tool used by software development teams. You can track and keep versions and if you want you can open your project for others' help.


yes Git is very valuable


thanx i m noob newbie many things out of knowledge so thanx


@John Maybe something more like pull/push, committing/ pushing to another branch than master and synchronising afterwards, staging, which files should be gitignored... Just the things that came into my mind right now.


what is Git or GitHub


Nice 😊


@Tashi, Sure, I can definitely see why it would be useful in this format. I still suspect that it would be like two categories before certificate (and maybe it's nothing wrong with that). My point is that it's very easy to get going and it's fairly easy to be efficient. After that it's just a matter of solving the problems you run into.


That would be a very short course though, to get going and start working it's literally 6 commands, git init, git checkot, git add, git status, git commit, git merge. Typically used in that order. My 5 cents is: Start using it like that and then solve problems as you go and find new features as you need them.


Please create a Git course ...


I would love to see a GIT module as well! It's a vital tool in today's tech work!


definitely ! Git course is what sololearn is missing....


There is a git course in the mobile version (Development Essentials section), but not in the desktop webapp.